In a world where the first impression is everything, our designers are a step ahead of the times - they turn "meh" into "wow". Specializing in creating attention-grabbing visuals that leave a lasting impression, our graphic design team turns your ideas into something your competition can only desire.

In the digital age, print has not lost its charm. From elegant business cards that don't get thrown away to brochures that can't be ignored, our printing service brings your brand a sense of permanence. With us, your printed materials not only look good, but also sit well in the hands of your clients.

The first step towards conquering the Internet? A website that is not only beautiful, but also smart. Our web designers and developers work in tandem to create pages that attract, retain and convert. Forget the websites of the last decade; it's time for a modern, responsive web presence.

Forget about pictures and videos that are just 'good enough'. Our production brings your story to life with quality that resonates with professionalism and creativity. Whether it's an impressive corporate video or photos that tell a story, we help your brand shine in its best light.

In a sea of digital noise, our digital marketing ensures that yours is heard louder. Through SEO, PPC ads, social media, email campaigns and more, our team creates strategies that not only increase your online visibility, but also engage your target audience.

While others may only go digital, we know the real power lies in combining. Our outdoor advertising puts your brand on the big stage, literally. With creative approaches that grab attention and leave an impression, your messages won't just be seen – they'll be remembered.

Every great story starts with a vision, and we are here to translate it into reality. Our passion for creativity and excellence permeates every aspect of our operation, from the first thought to the last pixel. It's not enough to just create campaigns; our goal is to build emotional connections, generate success and inspire enthusiasm.

Creating lasting value

We offer companies transparent offers to initiate their next phase of growth.

" Spread " – your expert guide through the labyrinths of marketing success.

While some companies deal with marketing, Spread is a creative engine designed for your complete victory. Welcome to the world of innovation and unlimited possibilities.

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Spread d.o.o.

SPREAD company with limited liability for promotion

Headquarters: SPREAD doo,
Vale Vouka 17a, Zagreb

The basic capital of the company:
HRK 20,000.00 / EUR 2,654.46 – paid in full

Registry court:
Commercial Court, Zagreb
MB: 05066425
OIB: 40042339401
IBAN: HR4423400091111001159, Privredna banka Zagreb, Radnička cesta 44, Zagreb

Director: Hrvoje Anić


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